With just over 200 bikes, PikeRide is Colorado Springs’ first-ever fully integrated bike share system, providing a healthy, active form of mobility for the greater city center.

Who runs PikeRide?

PikeRide is a program of Downtown Ventures, a 501c3 charitable nonprofit that serves as the programmatic arm of Downtown Partnership. Visit the Downtown Partnership website to see all the great things we are doing.  Bikes and software services are provided through BCycle, operating in over 50 cities nationwide.

How do I become a PikeRide member?

Checking out a PikeRide bike is easy! You can create a PikeRide account three different ways: by visiting the Join Now page; by downloading the BCycle mobile app; or by visiting one of six user kiosks located in the downtown core.

Next, choose the membership that works for you.

  • 24-hour membership ($10): Unlimited rides of up to 60 minutes for 24 hours
  • Monthly membership ($25): Unlimited rides of up to 60 minutes for 30 days!
  • Annual membership ($90): Unlimited rides of up to 60 minutes for an entire year!
  • Single ride passes also are available for $2 for rides of up to 30 minutes

If you purchase a monthly or annual membership,  you will receive a membership card from PikeRide in the mail.  You can use that membership card to check out a bike by simply holding the card over the RFID reader found on the handle bars.  You can also simply download the BCycle app on your smart phone and enter the unlock code indicated on the bike screen into the BCycle app.

A special U-lock located on the rear wheel well of the bike will disengage once the bike is checked out. Simply store the U-lock in the basket located on the front of your PikeRide bike and begin your ride!

Any single ride lasting longer than 60 minutes will accrue an additional $5 fee for all consecutive ride time lasting longer than 60 minutes.

Where can I go with PikeRide?

The PikeRide service area spans 12 square miles of the greater Legacy Loop area, from Fillmore Street to the north, Fountain Boulevard to the south, Union Boulevard to the east, and Interstate 25 to the west. Riders may leave the service area as long as they return bikes within the service area at the end of their ride. Riders who end their ride outside the service area will be charged a $20 fee. Riding is allowed on well-maintained urban trails in the service area but is not permitted on mountainous or sandy single-track, through water, through river/creek beds, or in any location that is prohibited, illegal and/or a nuisance to others

How do I become a sponsor of PikeRide?

Sponsorships are essential to powering PikeRide! Sponsorship opportunities are available year-round and are an excellent way to align your business with an innovative, healthy, environmentally friendly community-serving initative. For more information visit our Sponsorship page or email Sponsorship@PikeRide.org

Can my company purchase group memberships or receive a presentation about PikeRide?

Yes! Discounts on annual memberships are available for groups of 6 or more. Contact us at Info@PikeRide.org for more information.

Can I access PikeRide bikes for special group rides?

Yes, this service is available for a fee. Contact us at Info@PikeRide.org for more information.

I’m a member of a Bcycle program in another city. How does that work?

If you already have a BCycle account and wish to switch your home membership to the PikeRide program, contact the program in the city where your membership currently resides.  Unfortunately, we are not able to offer reciprocity at this time.

How old do I have to be to ride?

Riders must be 16 or older.

Are helmets required for PikeRide?

Helmet use is encouraged but not required by law. One of our community partners and local bike shop, ProCycling Warehouse offers 20% discount on new helmet purchases.  New monthly and annual members will receive a coupon in the mail after registering with PikeRide.  If you did not receive a coupon feel free to contact us.

Does PikeRide ever close?

PikeRide bikes are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What if I spot a problem with a bike?

For your safety, never ride a damaged bike. Report problems or damage via the app or by calling customer service at 719-235-5862 or emailing BikeGod@PikeRide.org